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#Goals Pad

What do you want to #achieve today? This week? In #life? Perhaps you have big dreams of #squadgoals and #relationshipgoals, or small tasks like #buymilk and #callmom. Luckily, this Knock Knock Classic Pad has you #covered in every case. Write it down, make it happen—you’ll feel #soblessed.

  • To do notepads for inspiration and aspiration
  • #Goals happen—with fun office supplies
  • 6 x 9 inches, 60 sheets

Price: $7.00
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2 - 3 Hole Adjustable Hole Punch
THis hole punch is adjustable to do 2 or 3 hole applications. Can punch up to 11 sheets.
Price: $15.99
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2 - 3 Hole Semi-Adjustable Hole Punch
This hole punch is semi-adjustable up to 7 hole positions. It can punch up to 10 sheets at a time.
Price: $10.99
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2 in 1 Liquid Paper
2 in 1 liquid paper. 22ml - 0.74 fl oz.
Price: $3.09
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Absence Request Cards
Pack of absence request cards. 100 cards per pack.
Price: $4.99
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Action Items! Pad

Spring into action with this pad that lets you list and prioritize urgent tasks, whether it’s “get more clients!” or “get more toilet paper!” (and we all know which one is more important at the moment). Because actions (and exclamation points!) really do speak louder than words.

  • A to-do list notepad that conveys urgency!
  • Get your act together with ease, élan, and desk accessories!
  • 6 x 9 inches, 60 sheets

Price: $7.00
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Adjustable Aluminum Easel
Adjustable aluminum easel from C2F. This lightweight easel functions as either an artist or display easel. Legs extend from minimum length of approximately 19 inches to a maximum of about 50.5 inches. Comes with black canvas carrying case.
Price: $19.99
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Awesome Citation Nifty Notes

It’s awesome to be awesome. And it’s even more awesome to be told you’re awesome. Issue this declaration of awesomeness to an awesome person to express feelings of amazement or admiration. It’ll be awesome.

  • If we say “awesome” one more time, you’ll never forget the title of these fun notepads
  • Guaranteed to make someone’s day
  • 4 x 5.25 inches, 50 sheets

Price: $5.00
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Battery Morph Mug

Just add your favorite hot beverage and watch this mug morph right before your eyes. Made of thermographic inks, this mug reacts to heat, revealing new and fun artwork. As your beverage cools, the graphics change back to their original state.

Price: $8.00
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Best Ever Pad

Award friends, family, coworkers, or complete strangers a paper trophy of accomplishment with a winning Knock Knock Classic Pad. Just personalize and present to commemorate everything from killing it at work to finally remembering to put the lid down.

  • Celebrate stunning achievements and dubious distinctions alike with Knock Knock stationery!
  • Cool office stuff for cool people: the ultimate win-win!
  • 6 x 9 inches, 60 sheets

Price: $7.00
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Blueline Black Journal
9-1/4 x 7-1/4 Size - Durable hard cover provides increased writing stability. Twin-wire binding allows book to lie flat when open. Includes colored, self-sticking tabs/labels to customize index, cover and spine. Microperforated pages. Space for date. Double-sided pocket. Index. Archivable.
Price: $9.99
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Bobbin Kit
This bobbin kit includes 3 bobbins and 1 bobbin case.
Price: $9.99
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Brain Dump Pad

Want to unload all of those random thoughts swirling about in your head? You need a brain dump—a repository, as it were, for all things YOU. Remove scattered notions from your mind and get them all down on paper, then organize and follow up with ease. Take a mental load off—it’s relaxing.

  • Knock Knock notepads hold good, bad, and half-baked ideas!
  • Also works for brainstorming!
  • 6 x 9 inches, 60 sheets

Price: $7.00
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Correction Tape
Correction tape.
Price: $3.99
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Crap Pad

Writing a to-do list always feels good, but with this boldly jaded pad in hand, you’ll really show your crap who’s boss. Divide and conquer crap by category, then check it off as you get it done. Call it like you see it. The crap stops here.

  • An ideal gift for anyone with crap to do
  • Includes handy crappiness scale!
  • 6 x 9 inches, 60 sheets

Price: $7.00
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Crap To Do Pad Folio

This sturdy keeper holds its bestselling namesake pad, protecting it from the elements—and from prying eyes! The tough outer material easily handles your tracker pad—and the inevitable beverage spill.

  • Knock Knock pads: guaranteed to help you get crap done (maybe)
  • When you use it up, refill with the same (or any other) pad
  • 7 x 9.25 inches; faux leather-wrapped portfolio with interior pocket and pen loop; includes 60 sheet pad

Price: $16.00
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Daily Intention Tracker Pad

You start the day off with so many good intentions—where do they all go? With this hopeful pad, you’ll never lose sight of those lofty aspirations. Whether you want to attract positive energy or just get rid of household clutter, this pad has your karma covered.

  • Knock Knock notepads make goal-setting significantly less annoying
  • Cool office supplies work even if you don’t know a chakra from a mantra
  • 6 x 9 inches, 60 sheets

Price: $7.00
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Desktop Easyview Hole Punch
This hole punch helps to ensure perfect hole alignment. The light turns green when the holes are aligned and it remains red with the holes are misaligned. This hole punch can punch up to 12 sheets at a time.
Price: $20.99
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Engineering Calculation Pad (50 Sheets)
Glue top bound engineering computation pad by Comet School Supplies. 50 green tinted sheets.
Price: $1.99
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Eyeglass Tool Kit
Now you don't have to take your glasses in to make easy repairs! You can do the repairs right in your office or at home.
Price: $6.00
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Invisible Zipper Foot
Invisible zipper foot.
Price: $15.99
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Iowa State University Express Services Mail Instruction Card
Express services instruction card for Iowa State University. Domestic and international services. 50 cards.
Price: $5.59
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Iowa State University Mail Instruction Cards
Mail instruction cards for Iowa State University. Use for domestic and international services. 50 cards.
Price: $1.79
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Iowa State University Visual Identity Package
The font families of Univers and ITC Berkeley Old Style are the only typefaces to be used on all University design applications. This font package contains various versions of each font with the license for the user. For more information about the Iowa State University brand, please visit the Office of University Marketing's Brand Standards Website -
Price: $110.00
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ISU Folder (Blue)

Blue colored folder that features "ISU" with "IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY" below in white.


Price: $2.00
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