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The ISU Book Store offers audiobooks that you can listen to on your phone, tablet or computer. These audiobooks are available through our partner, Libro.fm. All sales support Iowa State University!

Libro.fm is an independent audiobook company that makes it possible for bookstores to sell digital audiobooks. Libro.fm works with all major publishers and has a catalog of over 100,000 audiobooks, including New York Times bestsellers. Audiobooks can be purchased individually or through a monthly membership program.
All audiobook purchases and memberships support your local bookstore.

Membership Details

  • Over 100,000 titles
  • First month/audiobook for FREE
  • $14.99 monthly fee (one audiobook/month)
  • 30% off additional audiobooks and audiobook gifts
  • Free iOS and Android App
  • Membership credits never expire
  • Supports independent bookstores
  • DRM-Free (listen on multiple devices)
  • Recommendations from booksellers
  • Ad-free browsing and listening
  • Pays fair rate to publishers and authors

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The Libro.fm team is here to help.
Please email support@libro.fm with any questions to technical support.
You can also call (413)206-9290.