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  • The choice of operating system between Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS is up to each individual.  Most applications used by majors within LAS will run on either operating system, or can be accessed remotely on servers or lab computers provided by the College or Department.
  • View the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences computer requirements website for detailed computer specs.
  • Typical use scenarios - see the LAS website for detailed specs:
    • Minimum/Economical: Web browsing, Microsoft Office-type applications, connecting to a remote computer. This is the minimum recommendation for all students in LAS.
    • Recommended: Running applications for software programming, video editing, modeling, etc.  A computer with these higher end options is appropriate for someone with a major or courses which involve more computation like Computer Science, Statistics, BPMI, Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, etc.  Please verify with your department for any specific requirements to run specialized software.

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The computers listed in the links below are based typical use recommendations and specifications listed on the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences website for current computer models available to purchase at TechCyte.