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TechCyte Purchase Eligibility Terms & Conditions

Please see the specific brands below for educational priced purchasing eligibility.
All items that require proof of eligibility will require you to agree to these terms & conditions before adding the item to your online shopping cart.

Apple Purchase Requirements:

  • You must currently be one of the following:
    • A current full-time ISU staff member (no contract, temporary, or consultants)
    • A current ISU faculty member
    • A current student enrolled in a course of study leading to a degree or certificate
    • An incoming ISU student that has been accepted, submitted a deposit and has been assigned an ISU ID
    • An ISU alumnae - must have received a degree or certificate

Apple Purchase Limitations:

  • You may purchase the following quantities of Apple devices per academic year in total from an Apple Authorized Campus store, an Apple Store, or apple.com. Any Apple products not referenced in the list below are not subject to quantity limitations:
    • Desktop: Three (3)
    • Mac mini: Three (3)
    • MacBook: Three (3)
    • iPad: Three (3)
    • Display: Two (2)
  • Products purchased through ISU's Collegiate Partnership Program Agreement with Apple, Inc. must be for your own personal, educational and/or research use, and cannot be for the purpose of further resale.


General educational software policy (includes OEM, excludes Microsoft software):

  • The software you purchase must be for your own education use or, with departmental purchase, for departmental use. You may not copy (except one archival backup) redistribute or resell the software. 
  • Departments must submit your request by email or in person and provide the appropriate Workday Worktag, including applicable department detail, assignee, or work order information. Select items may also be purchased using a P-card.
  • Multi-user and lab packs are available only for departmental purchases.
  • Software is non-returnable.