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Immediate Access is a collaborative program between the ISU Book Store, faculty and publishers. Students that are enrolled in an Immediate Access course will receive access to all required course materials on the first day of class and at a reduced cost compared to the national average.


  • Day 1 access to digital course materials through Canvas LMS
  • Robust interactive digital content and ebooks
  • Reduced course materials cost compared to current print and digital options
  • Increased student engagement with added measurable data components
  • Eliminates need for multiple access codes
  • Also available for non-traditional course materials outside of Canvas. (i.e. e-lab notebook, assessments )


For Faculty

  • Faculty collaborate with their publisher representatives and the ISU Book Store to coordinate course materials and cost savings
  • Faculty receive instructions to set up their course materials within the LMS
  • The ISU Book Store communicates the program to enrolled students via student book list in AccessPlus
  • Once the content is published by the faculty, students log into the LMS and access their materials on Day 1 of class

Interested? Please email the ISU Book Store at immediateaccess@iastate.edu

For Students

  • When a faculty member chooses Immediate Access for any course, details will be posted in the student book list
  • Upon enrollment in the course, the charge will be automatically billed to the student’s university account (U-Bill)
  • Students will receive access to the digital course material through Canvas LMS on the first day of class
  • An opt-out option is available or students will be automatically refunded if they drop the course in allotted time period


Click Here to Download the Immediate Access PDF File

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices will vary depending on the course materials chosen by your instructor. Most Immediate Access prices are lower than the cost to access the material directly through the publisher and averages a cost savings upwards of 60% off the price of a new print textbook.


You will see a charge on your U-Bill from the bookstore on or before the first day of class. There is nothing tangible to purchase from the ISU Book Store. The billing description on your ubill will show the department and course number, followed by “IMMED ACCESS” and the last 4 digits of the ISBN. Below is an example of the billing description for a student enrolled in INTST 235.

Instructors and TAs will not be billed for access to Immediate Access Course Materials.


Students may choose to opt out of this cost saving program. Opting out does not mean you are dropping the course. It simply means you are choosing not to receive the digital content from the bookstore and you must find another way to acquire it in order to complete required homework assignments. Students have within the first 10 days of class to opt out and receive a refund to their u-bill (5 days for courses 8 weeks or shorter).

1. To opt out, click on the “Immediate Access Course Materials” tool on the navigation menu.

2. Click on “Want to opt-out?


No worries! If you are still within in the first 10 days of class, you can click the opt-in button in Canvas and have access to the material again. If you need assistance, send us an email at immediateaccess@iastate.edu.


If you drop your course prior to the 10th day of class (5th day of class for partial semester courses), you will automatically receive a refund for the digital course material. Courses dropped beyond the 10th day of class are not eligible for refunds. You do not have to contact the bookstore if you drop the course. Partial semester courses must be dropped by the 5th business day after the start of the course to receive a refund.


1. Click on the “Immediate Access Course Materials” link on the Canvas course navigation menu on the left side of your Canvas course page.

2. You should see a course card for each Immediate Access title being used in the course. At the top of the course card there will be a tab entitled “Notes”.

3. Click on “Notes”. The instructions for how to access your required course material will be in the “Notes”.

4. If your instructor provided directions on how to access the digital content always use those first.

You may not be able to access the digital content until the first day of class as some instructors may not publish the Canvas course for students to view until then. If however, on the first day of class you do not see the Immediate Access link, please email at immediateaccess@iastate.edu.


Google Chrome is the best browser to use to avoid digital access errors. Safari SHOULD NOT be used for any Pearson Courseware such as MyLab, Mastering, or Revel.


Disable AdBlock extensions that may be blocking pop-up windows:

  • Go to the left of the browser > Click on the three grey dots (if using Chrome) > Select More Tools > Extensions
  • OR

    On the Address bar, look for an icon that looks like a lock or a switch, click it and find "Permissions" and "Allow pop-up windows".


    As you have already been charged by the bookstore for access to the digital content, please let us know immediately if you are prompted by the publisher to pay for an access code when inside the Canvas course. Please email at immediateaccess@iastate.edu.


    Make sure you access the content within the first two weeks of class, or as soon as possible if you join the class after the first two weeks. You may lose access later in the semester if you don’t access it when you start the course.


    If you have a question that was not included in the FAQ, please contact please contact us at immediateaccess@iastate.edu