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We encourage faculty to continue to adopt quality course materials to support the curriculum while keeping the costs and affordability options in mind as well. Bookstore staff is on hand to assist with your adoption and research of available options.


Adoption Process at Iowa State

Faculty Upon receiving your teaching assignment, submit your course material adoptions to your Academic Department Coordinator.

Department Academic Coordinator List

If your department does not have a designated coordinator to collect adoption information, please contact Emma Hartman at the ISU Book Store,
ehartman@iastate.edu or 515-294-0362.

Department Coordinators

To submit adoptions for your department, you will need access to the bookstore’s adoption system, Collect.
To request access, contact Emma Hartman, ehartman@iastate.edu, to setup your profile, train, and receive your customized submission link.

Review Guidelines

Please review this important information regarding the University’s requirements for the course material adoption process.

Review Guidelines

Book Store Contacts

Emma Hartman

Digital Resource Specialist

ehartman@iastate.edu 515.294.0362

John Wierson

Digital & Immediate Access

jwwiers@iastate.edu 515.294.3501

Carl Arbuckle

Textbooks & Course Supplies

carabuc@iastate.edu 515.294.0236

Heather Dean


hdean@iastate.edu 515.294.0237

Develop Your Own Custom Course Materials with the ISU Book Store

The ISU Book Store offers custom, in-house publishing to help faculty and staff present original work, lab manuals, various readings, case studies, supplementary educational materials, out-of-print books, and much more.

Submit Your Course Supplies List with the ISU Book Store

The ISU Book Store serving the mission of Iowa State University and committed to student affordability. Our staff is on hand to assits you with your course materials, supplies and research of available options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on HEOA legislation, the annual deadlines are March 1 (Fall and Summer) and October 1 (Spring). A memo will be sent out each semester from the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost as well as reminders from the ISU Book Store. Please note, the bookstore accepts adoptions beyond the HEOA deadlines to support your teaching needs.


The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) is federal legislation requiring titles, ISBN numbers and retail pricing of all required and recommended course materials be published for students’ review prior to course registration. To comply with this requirement, the Office of the Registrar, Information Technology, and the Iowa State University Book Store have developed systems to provide this information to students via the Schedule of Classes and their custom book list.


Faculty need to submit the course material requirements and recommendations to their designated Department Academic Coordinator by the adoption deadline. Please include any courses in which there will be not textbook requirements as well. If you are unsure of your department contact, the Department Academic Coordinator List can be found here.


Course materials are defined as textbooks/books, manuals, access codes, e-books, coursepackets, and supplies (design, lab, technology, etc.). And, anything else that is required for your students to obtain for class.


The deadlines for textbook requests are as follows:

• Fall Semester: March 1

• Spring Semester: October 1

• Summer Semester: March 1


We recognize that there are a few situations where it may not be possible to have course materials information available by these dates: the instructor has not yet been assigned for a course, the course and/or textbook is new and still under development. For these situations, the HEOA legislation requires that textbook information be listed as “To Be Determined” until such time as the information is available. The ISU Book Store will continue to update the system with new information for courses after the initial deadline, to provide students with the most accurate and up-to-date information as possible.


For special course materials, arrangements or negotiations with publishers, please contact the ISU Book Store to facilitate these transactions. Contracts with publishing companies and vendors (i.e. adaptive learning content, e-books) must be established through the Purchasing Department to protect student information and ISU. For digital content adoptions, please see the ISU Digital Content Guidelines. Selling or facilitating course material transactions in the classroom or direct through a third party provider is not allowed.


Many studio and lab classes do not have textbook course materials associated with their course but are still requiring students to purchase specific materials for their class. Under the HEOA, ANY supplies that are required for a course including any art, office or lab supplies, need to be a part of the adoption process so students can review their required items and their prices prior to taking the class. Art, office, or lab supply course material requests can be submitted with book adoptions or if no textbook is required for the course.


Coursepackets are to be turned in to the ISU Book Store for production. A full coursepacket service is available on-campus through ISU Printing Services and ISU Book Store including copyright clearance, complimentary desk copies, and on-demand printing in the Memorial Union. Coursepackets will be available for students to purchase in the ISU Book Store along with all other course materials.


Students are provided a book list with their class schedule through their ISU Book Store account. It is critical that faculty submit adoptions for course materials to the ISU Book Store in order to populate the student book list. Students purchasing from the ISU Book Store can charge their course material purchases to their U-Bill. Students with scholarships and financial aid will need to have their course materials available at the bookstore to purchase. In addition, all purchases at the ISU Book Store are sales tax exempt