The University Book Store is committed to supporting student success at Iowa State University. Because the University Book Store is owned and operated by Iowa State University, our profits are reinvested back into the campus we serve, providing financial support for facilities and programs that benefit Iowa State students.

Our Mission

As the official bookstore serving Iowa State University, we will provide customers the educational products, services and resources to support Iowa State University's mission. We accomplish our mission by:

  • Focusing on our customers
  • Valuing our people
  • Connecting with our communities
  • Continuously improving our processes

Our Vision

The Iowa State University Book Store is a forward-thinking effective partner in advancing the University's mission. We value:

Our Promise

Provide services for student success, faculty innovation and the Iowa State community while helping to financially support facilities and programs that benefit Iowa State University.

Since the 1800's, The Iowa State University Book Store has been your store.

We are here to serve the faculty, staff, students, and community.

The University Book Store began in the 1800's in a small room in Beardshear Hall. In 1892, the Hub was completed to satisfy the need for a new bookstore, Post Office, and waiting room for the Dinkey, the Ames-to-campus steam motor line. The Book Store continued its counter service operation for 66 years. In 1958, it was moved to the Memorial Union to expand the facilities, become self serve, and add new services. To satisfy the campus' growing needs, the Book Store quickly doubled its space in the Memorial Union.