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College of Engineering

  • Note that some of the Engineering software is only available on Windows (i.e. Solidworks). This should be taken into consideration when choosing a suitable computer to purchase for your major. If you find your laptop can’t handle a particular Engineering application, there are remote computing options available. View the College of Engineering computer requirements website for more information.
  • Typical use scenarios - see College of Engineering website for detailed specs:
    • Minimum/Economical: Web browsing, Microsoft Office-type applications, connecting to a remote computer
    • Recommended: Running engineering applications for software programming, scripting, 2D modeling, and development IDEs
    • High Performance/Advanced: Running engineering applications for 3D modeling and Virtual Reality. Contact us at techcyteorder@iastate.edu to place a special order.

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    The computers listed in the links above are based typical use recommendations and specifications listed on the
    College of Engineering website for current computer models available to purchase at TechCyte.

    *Make sure to read through the Engineering computer requirements before purchasing a Mac.